This package provides the essential foundation for businesses looking to start their SEO journey.


10 Keywords
1 Location
Local SEO


This package is for businesses looking to take their SEO efforts to the next level.


20 Keywords
2 Locations
UI/UX Improvements
On-Page Optimization


This package is for businesses who want to maximize their SEO efforts.


30 Keywords
3 Locations
Content Creation
On-Page Optimization
Dedicated Account Manager

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Customers Say

47% increase in Organic Traffic

Cyber Palm Tree is a pivotal partner that helped us to leverage SEO. Their data-driven holistic marketing approach helped us increase organic traffic by 47%.

Kevin Lee

Results were delivered as promised

I had the pleasure of working with the team at Cyber Palm Tree. They provided me with an amazing service and I was extremely impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise they shared. The team was highly organized and efficient, providing me with a detailed plan of action that delivered results. Not only did they help me in optimizing my website, but they also provided me with detailed advice on how to continue improving my SEO rankings. Overall, I had an outstanding experience working with Cyber Palm Tree. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their SEO rankings.

Jessica B., freshii

~20-30% more B2B leads in just 6 months

Cyber Palm Tree provided me with an in-depth analysis of my website, as well as a comprehensive SEO strategy that was tailored to my business' needs. They also provided me with detailed monthly reports and regular updates on the progress of our SEO campaigns. I found the team to be very knowledgeable and professional, and they responded quickly to my questions and requests. Overall, I am very pleased with the results and would recommend Cyber Palm Tree to anyone looking for an effective and reliable SEO partner.

Juan F., Stocka


What Digital Marketing Services Do You Offer?

Here's a rundown of our web agency's digital marketing services:

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
- Website design and development
- Reputation management
- Email marketing

Why Should I Consider a Long-Term SEO Strategy?

SEO (also known as search engine optimization) is divided into two primary areas of study. The first is on-page optimization (which considers everything that will be done on each page of a website to be optimised) and the second is off-page optimization (which considers everything that will be done off of the website to affect a site's renown and influence). The purpose of SEO is to assist boost a website's exposure in a search engine for a certain set of keywords (or phrases) within a pre-determined geographic area.

Many individuals wrongly assume they can perform SEO on their own. Although it is quite conceivable, it is prudent to use caution before beginning on an SEO campaign on one's own. The major reason for this is that there is a huge time commitment necessary to complete everything correctly, which many individuals sometimes underestimate.

Furthermore, there is a plethora of old information on the internet that, if implemented, might have a detrimental impact on the intended objective, thus degrading a site's perfectly acceptable starting point position.
Throughout the year, search engines make several adjustments. Web marketing experts, like those in any other industry, must keep up with any and all developments on an almost daily basis.

SEO approaches and strategies that are properly implemented will increase the visibility of your website. Our team meets weekly to coordinate our efforts to promote specially chosen keywords for your company sector in order to assist your site reach the top of Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines.

How Can Cyber Palm Tree Help Better Position Our Website on
Top Search Results of Google?

As previously said, your website will include pages that search engines and people consider relevant to their study. To do this, current page content should be examined and optimised. We may also create new pages to promote new items or services at the client's desire.

A keyword study will direct our efforts toward successful placement. Our copywriters will do all possible to provide original, error-free writing. We will complete our page optimization effort by building appropriate inbound and outbound connections to the material on your website.

How Long Does It Take To Create a Website & Optimize it?

It's tough to pinpoint an exact deadline for your website design. It is preferable to meet with an expert who can analyse your demands and provide you with a time estimate. The majority of our clients choose a conventional layout that comprises a home page, a service or product page, an about us page, and a contact page.

A website may be built in one week for a tiny site of three pages where we handle 90% of the content.
We arrange a six-month evaluation term for the optimization of your web site in search engines based on keywords specified by the customer. Furthermore, the recognition of sites indexed by search engines can take as little as an hour or as long as many weeks!

Do You Offer Website Re-Build Services?

A consumer may be dissatisfied with the performance of its present website. We will examine current performance statistics during a meeting. You may also receive a free evaluation of your website's performance online.

Following that, we will send the customer a list of recommendations for his website redesign. At the end of the process, he or she will be provided a proposal to proceed with modifications to their site. Once accepted, we may begin redesigning the job. You should be aware that it is feasible to produce high-quality work without erasing previous work. Adjustments can aid in the resolution of the problem.

Get Your Free SEO Website Audit!

Cyber Palm Tree will evaluate your website to see how well it is performing on search engines